New Years Resolutions?

With every turn of the year they will come in masses: (good) resolutions.
Always at the front: weight-loss, sportive activities, change of diet, quit smoking.
Until we lose them out of sight with the ongoing year and go back to our old behaviors. Nevertheless we aim to change something every year. Again and again and again.

I also have made a decision.
But different to the years before I have no specific goal this time. Because I tend to lose my resolutions out of sight. And it won’t get any better if I force myself to go on and reach the goal I set several months ago. So there won’t be any big projects this time. All I aim for is: less.

I tried this in the last few months of the past year. Simply doing something when I feel like it. Completely free and easy. And it worked! I derived pleasure from what I was doing. And that’s exactly what I want to continue! I have some ideas of things I would like to do or goals that I’d like to reach. So if I can get closer to them step by step without losing the fun and without pressure I will be satisfied.

If 2016 taught me anything, then that I cannot be anyone else but me. I cannot be liked by everyone and I won’t fit into any situation of life perfectly fine. And if this does not work, I should concentrate to get the best out of my life and stop trying to fit in. That’s why I gave 2017 the theme “Unf*ck Yourself”.

I recently met two people that made me realize my life must have lost some of its shine. I felt melancholic about it and came across that it seems I have lost some parts of me somewhere on the road behind me. I have absolutely no clue whether to put this positively or negatively. But at the moment it seems to be more negative to me. It seems like life lost its shine massively.

So from now on I will work on getting back this shine. That’s why everything that develops in a positive way for me will be as good as reaching a defined goal.

I want to lose about 10 kg (for two years now). Of course this cannot work I I’m doing it in a completely wrong way. So I won’t specify anymore. And if I lose weight now – in the healthy way – it will be absolutely fine. Maybe I will be satisfied by losing only 8 kg. Who knows that before?

I also want to spend more time to my creative hobbys. But not by putting it like “I have to draw a picture every week!” or “I create a new type of clothing every month!”. I will do it when I feel like doing it. And it will continue to grow again. That would be amazing.

How are you going to do it? Do you have specific goals or simply some ideas? Or do you have no resolutions?


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