I own too much…

Sometimes there are these days and I think: “It IS too much!”

Too many books
Too many movies
Too many games
Too many cosemtics
Too many skin care products
Too many cleaning things
Too many hobbys and interests
Too much waste
(If I got the difference between many and much wrong… This is going to be SO awkward!…)

And then it’s all getting on my nerves and I think about what I can to do change anything.

It all started when I left home and began living on my own and realized how much waste I produce. At first, I bought all the things my mum used to have in her house. But then I came across that I don’t even need all of this stuff.

There is a chance that living in Ireland had an influence on my way of thinking. Because we had to buy some kind of tickets to pin them on the dustbin to get them collected by the refuse collection service (I already forgot the name of it… shame on me!). Here in Germany is no such a thing. We don’t have to pay any extra money, because it is included in the monthly rent.

So when I returned to Germany in 2014… I started reducing waste in the bathroom. I traded in my cotton wool pads for reusable sponges. This single step lead to emptying the trash bin only once a month because it lasts this long for it to get filled. Only this is currently experiencing a setback because of the salt packages I’m using to clean my nose, but that’s health connected and another story (for which finding an alternative may be interesting?).

And then there was this topic called “zero waste” popping up in front of my eyes in 2016. To me, it seems to be a relatively young movement which enjoys increasing popularity. I haven’t done much research on it up to now. So I have hundreds of questions in my mind and a lot of things I can’t imagine a waste-less alternative for. But when I heard of several people being much happier than before just by living zero waste and saving up much money at the same time, I thought why not giving it a try?

I don’t aim for living straight and completely to zero waste because I think this only leads me to pressure and wouldn’t be good. So I want to get some inspiration and it would be a useful addition to my thoughts on how to ban micro-plastics. Do you want to join me and get inspired? ­čÖé

I don’t know where this journey leads me and what I will find there. Sometimes I think I own too much but then I get to know to people owning so much more than I do and it totally blows my mind. But that shall not stop me to improve myself ­čśë



  1. Sch├Ân, dass du dich so um den Planeten k├╝mmerst! Ich versuche statt Shampoo und Sp├╝lung auf Seife umzusteigen und benutze viele Produkte in Recycleverpackungen. Aber der Anteil von M├╝ll ist mir eigentlich immer noch zu hoch. Verbrauchen die Schw├Ąmmchen, die du zum Abschminken nutzt, nicht mehr Fl├╝ssigkeit? Die sind doch viel saugf├Ąhiger, oder?

    • ├ťber den Wasserverbrauch hab ich dabei noch gar nicht nachgedacht. Ich denke aber, der ist ja bei allen Alternativen zu Wattepads gegeben, wenn man statt denen Schw├Ąmmchen, Waschlappen, selbst geh├Ąkelte Pads oder Pads aus Mikrofaser benutzt. Gibt es da noch mehr (was ich noch nicht kenne)?
      Auf mich selbst ├╝bertragen ist es wohl das geringere ├ťbel. Um mein Alltagsmakeup zu entfernen br├Ąuchte ich pro Auge definitiv mehr als ein Wattepad. Und wenn ich mal ausgehe und mich daf├╝r stark schminke br├Ąuchte ich sicher mehr als 10. Ich hab auch mal sehr lange diese feuchten Kosmetikt├╝cher benutzt und entweder waren danach immer noch Maskarareste an den Wimpern oder ich brauchte sehr viele davon, um alles weg zu kriegen. Und den Schwamm mache ich einmal nass, kriege alles weg und sp├╝l ihn danach aus. Bei H├Ąrtef├Ąllen muss ich zwischendurch einmal aussp├╝len.

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