Bathroom sins

I already mentioned before that I am overthinking my consuming behavior and maybe change it. Especially when it comes to the bathroom there is a lot that can be done even without the aim to live a zero waste style of life. Simply avoiding micro-plastics makes a difference!

Today I want to show you my bathroom junk and present my sins. Maybe it inspires you too? ūüôā

I can’t remember how I started using this kind of sponge but this will be my last one.¬†I always disliked that they fall into pieces after a certain time of using them. But the other day I asked myself of which material they may be made of. And I wouldn’t wonder if they were¬†made of a synthetic fibre.
Then, I suggested to google it up and found they are made of nylon. A synthetic fibre. One reason more to get rid of them!

But now let me show you some of the products I own and spread my thoughts on them…:

  1. Bath salts en mass
    I like having a bath a lot and thus I have a certain amount of bath salts… I’m planning on buying such things from Lush in the future to avoid further plastic rubbish.
  2. Sebamed Soap, which I only bought because a friend of mine is allergic to several ingredients in soaps and she once mentioned, Sebamed would be a brand she can use. But turned out to be a soap which she can’t use because of ONE single ingredient… Now it’s waiting to be used some day. But since we made some soaps on our own it will take some more time for Sebamed xD
    Above are some replacements for my shaver.
  3. Schwarzkopf Power hair lacquer…
    Truly the black sheep. I already started getting rid of the brand “Henkel” – Schwarzkopf belongs to Henkel – because they still conduct animal testing (I haven’t heard that they have stopped it by now).¬†It is one of the last products I have of this brand. Even when I lived in Ireland I haven’t found a good alternative… and man, it’s windy over there!
    I will soon try to use a spray made of sugar and water that I read about on¬†Shias¬†Blog¬†(German). I will share my experiences then ūüôā
  4. Bodylotion
    This small bottle was a gift. Underneath it is a bottle of aftershave that once was gifted to Mr. Apocalpytusbaum. But he stopped using it because he prefers other fragrances now.¬†Maybe I’m giving them to someone else…
    The green bottle left to the hair lacquer is a lotion from Garnier. They still¬†do animal testing¬†(German). I haven’t known that when I was younger and I won’t buy this lotion again (or any other Garnier product). Besides, I’m too lazy for this stuff… that’s way I always have those things for years and years and years.
  5. Meridol rinse
    This once was a recommendation from my dentist back then when I had a bad inflammation of my gums. And I love it! But I have to say that I haven’t done any research for toxic-free dental hygiene. Thus: Point.
  6. Salt to clean my nose
    This is what fills my bin the most at the moment. Back in December last year, I had a small surgery and there was absolutely no time for me to think about how to reduce the garbage that I produced with this large amount of salt packages I used to support the healing process. It was kind of exhausting for me because I had to deal with dry mucosa my whole life and then I needed to care and support the healing of my nose and use this salt three times a day and moisture with oil. So now that it’s healed, maybe I can find an alternative with less plastic waste.
    Below is a pack of cotton buds I bought when I moved in here in 2013. I use these for make up and drawing but sometimes to apply oil into my nose so it won’t drop out directly.¬†Karo Kafka¬†wrote about buds made of paper (German) that I want to try in case I want to continue using cotton buds¬†ūüôā
    Next to it is make-up that I never use and behind it some moisturizer for feet, that I also never use but decided it would be necessary and bought it about two years ago…
  7. Coldastop
    This is the oil which I need the cotton buds for. I now prefer coconutoil or sesame oil.
    Left to it is a bottle of nail polish remover that I bought 2013. Such things are always long-lasting because I don’t use them often, so I haven’t done any research on alternatives by now.
    In front of it is an opend tube of night cream.
    Davor steht noch eine angebrochene Tube Nachtcreme. Natural cosmetic already but I don’t think I will buy this again as I simply don’t use it often enough.
  8. Hair care products
    There is this spray from¬†Gliss-Kur… that also belongs to Henkel (which I don’t want to use anymore). This is a leftover from the time I lived in Dublin and my hair was fucked up because of the chlorinated water. Now I use it when I’m coming home from a party and need to bring my hair back to normal XD But I won’t buy it again.
    Right to it is a bottle of dry shampoo which I can’t decide whether I like it or hate it.
  9. Axe Deospray
    I’ve been using Axe for years now. Simply because I don’t like female fragrances and it’s free of aluminium. I think I will try something else to avoid garbage.
    Behind it… My latest senseless purchase: A¬†After-Shave-Gel. I always ask myself why the hell I bought this when I open the door since I only used it one single time and can’t remember whether it was good or bad.
    Right to the Axe spray is a bottle of cleansing lotion. Don’t know if I’ll by it again.
  10. Hair paste
    I like using such paste when I have a short hair cut. But I keep growing it since January 2016 and haven’t used the paste since then. I should give it to Mr. Apocalyptusbaum…
    This silver box in the corner is from Lush and carries my Karma Comba shampoobar. Above it is an old box that I reused for cream and is almost empty.
    And last but not least… Setting mousse (violett bottle). I like it a lot and am excited about finding a wasteless altnernative for it ūüôā

There are some flacons of perfume between this two doors that all were gifted to me. It’s not a good decision to gift perfumes to me because I don’t like most fragrances.¬†So I try to empty them now and get rid of them… Other things I use is a tube of hair shampoo, shower gel and cleansing lotion which I hopefully can replace soon.

I still think I am a woman that does¬†not¬†own a lot of¬†cosmetic products and stuff. But writing this article showed me that I still have a lot that I don’t really need.

What about you? Do you buy everything you can get? Or do you only have what you need?



  1. Hahaha, dein Schw√§mmchen ist in sofern vegan, dass es keine tierischen Inhaltsstoffe beinhaltet, es ist also kein Schafswollschrubbi (irks, wer w√ľrde das wollen?) oder irgendwelche Eiwei√üketten halten da iwas zusammen. Das Material ist Plaste, das ist vegan- – weil kein Tier f√ľr leiden gar sterben musste.

    Die neuen √Ėkowattest√§bchen kann ich uneingeschr√§nkt empfehlen, die kleine Schachtel in der sie kommen hat zwar ein transparentes Fensterchen, aber dieses ist aus diesem magischen abbaubaren Zeug…Zellu…ged√∂ns.

    Ich glaub ich werde auch mal bei mir durchgehen.
    Ich habe noch einige letzte Flaschen aus meiner geldlosen/lushlosen Zeit, wo es nur Rossmann gab – und diese Produkte sind nicht mal gut.
    Sp√ľlung wird wohl immer noch aus dem DM kommen. Ich wei√ü noch, wie doof ich meine Tante fand, dass sie etwas so unn√∂tiges meiner Kleinkindcousine in die Haare schmiert – wie dumm ICH doch wahr xD

    Ich hab ja das Cremedeo von Manna und finde das mehr als knorke.

    • Achso… Vegan gilt also nur, wenn auf dem Produktionsweg kein Tier leiden musste und kein tierischer Bestandteil verarbeitet wurde? Was ist mit dem Tierleid, dass das Produkt beim benutzen verursacht D:? Mikroplastik ist doch Mist >_< Ich hab jetzt Garnier Lotion aufgebraucht, da war auch echt nicht mehr viel drin xD Jetzt kommt die andere dran und da merkt man schon, dass sie sich langsam in ihre Bestandteile aufl√∂st (nach 2 Jahren). Die Garnier Lotion hatte ich jetzt mindestens 5 Jahre im Schrank stehen und da war nichts mit ">_> Sagt auch viel aus…

      Bei Manna wollte ich auch noch mal schauen, wenn mich die andere Reinigungsseife √ľberzeugt hat. Die mit Kampfer ist nichts f√ľr mich leider :/

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