[Creation Corner] #1 Scribbles

We do have such cool red pencils in the office, which I haven’t figured out up to now why exactly we have them. Nevertheless, I enjoy making scribbles with them!

On a hot but calm summer day I was thinking about redesigning my character Laraiya. I tend to let her look the way she does on the picture above.

She shall keep her long hair. But I want to adapt her outer appearance to the epoch she actually lives in. I have to do some more research for this and gather further inspiration 🙂

She looked like this earlier (around 2004):

Some information about her:

Her full name is Laraiya du Guarde.
She lives in a parallel world that is geographically identical with our Earth. But it’s a different epoch. I haven’t decided the exact epoch by now but want it to be a more medieval epoch.
She is a born vampire which is able to walk and live in sunlight by using a specific serum.
In the first draft, her age is 15. I want her to be a teen, but since she was born as a vampire, I still have to figure out the way and the circumstances of her natural aging and when she finally stops getting older and continues to stay the way she is for the rest of her life.
Her mother tongue is french. But she’s also good at english, german, spanish and japanese, although it’s difficult for her to read japanese.
She lost memory to specific parts of her childhood. This is due to a spell which her parents casted on her and which was meant to protect her. They died before they could break the spell again. Laraiya knows nothing about such a spell and therefore does not know she lost some of her memories. But she is searching for the house of her parents and gathers for any information she can find about them.

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