40 days without sugar

It was about the middle of the week when I came across an article (German) about the 40-days-without-sugar-challenge. I decided pretty quickly to join in. Me and Mr. Apocalyptusbaum will start on Monday, 06/03/17.

To sum up: This challenge is about avoiding industrially manufactured sugar for 40 days. It is placed during the fasting period. Nice timing, isn’t it? 🙂

I am no one whom is making a secret about the wish to lose some weight. I intend to lose about 10 kg. But I am also aware of the fact that it is just a number. If I manage to grow my muscle mass the number won’t change dramatically. But my body fat will decline anyway. So I’m more thinking like: It would be awesome to fit into my clothes sized German 36 again without looking like a chubby child.

So I read through the above mentioned article and thought at some points: Oh that would be nice! But it was the point about intestinal health that got me. I won’t go into much details but I was diagnosed with lacotse intolerance in 2008. And since 2014 I have the feeling to react on something else too but no doctor has found out what exactly it is by now. And because it is breathtaking to search for a doctor that will keep on searching I changed my diet. For the last six month I am eating almost the same for breakfast and lunch, except dinner. And guess what? I feel much better now and I am more aware of the things I can eat. I still hope to find a good doctor this year.

It was the point of intestinal health that made me think: Maybe my problem is simply sugar?
I do believe to consume not that much of sugar, for example, I don’t sweeten my tea and things like that. But I might have absolutely no clue about all the hidden sugar I may consume. This challenge will be interesting for me and I hope to find out a lot more about my intestinal health. It will be worth it!

We missed the start at the beginning of the month but who cares? It’s never too late to care for yourself!
I surely will write about our up and downs and all the things we might discover, so be excited! 😀

Could you imagine to avoid sugar for a specific amount of time? Why yes and why not?



  1. Ich hoffe, ihr könnt das die 40 Tage durchziehen 🙂 Bin gespannt, was du dann zu berichten hast! Ich trinke meinen Tee, so wie du, übrigens auch komplett ohne Zucker und mich schüttelt es richtig, wenn ich zB sehe wie viel Zucker meine Mutter in ihren Tee macht.

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