[DIY] #1 Pinboard

I was thinking for quite some time now that the fridge alone has not enough space to be used as a pinboard. Despite the fact that it happens way too often that we lose memory of important things when leaving the apartment… So I was looking for a pinboard to hang it into our corridor. But it wasn’t that easy to find a size that would fit.

Not long ago I found some glass coasters made of cork and they were perfect! All left I had to do was making them looking good… So I looked for some of my fabric remnants and started stapling 😉

When I saw the result, I thought they would make some pretty good and decorative glass coasters as well. But first I attached some hooks and hanged them on my wall.

Two of them are now hanging in the corridor:

And the other two are placed in the kitchen, just in case the fridge is running out of space 😉

I already bought some more to make glass coasters 🙂


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