40 days without sugar – The Beginning

40 days without sugar? Impossible! You’ll never make it! Sugar is absolutely EVERYWHERE!
– The reaction you’re gonna deal with.

No one said it would be easy.
It is easy to buy and eat all the stuff you want to eat. Without questioning all the ingredients. Of course it is faster to buy frozen pizza and put it into the oven than making a whole pizza by yourself.

I didn’t expect the challenge could be exhausting for me. I haven’t eaten white wheat bread for a long time now. I can’t remember the last time I used to add sugar to my cup of tea. I hardly eat bread nowadays, and if I would do so I would definitely not eat bread in the morning. So we have no sweet sandwich spread anymore. Only rapeseed honey is left. Because I spend most of the time of my life having stomache aches, I banned a lot of things I used to eat before. Because of my lactose intolerance I only eat chocolate when I’m home and can’t resist. I would never eat cake if a collegue brings some into the office (but I would if I would have made the cake myself). I avoid snacks like Crepes or ice when I’m somewhere outside with friends because I always forget my lactase pills and they still don’t help when I want to have ice cream spontaneously.

But those wine gums… They almost dominated my work days during 2016. There hasn’t been a single day without 1 – 2 bags (85 g). But luckily that changed in the last quarter of the year and I was able to reduce the amount of wine gums.

Yes, I apparently tend to emotional caused sweets consumption. But I stopped buying sweets since 06/03/2017. That day, I ate my last hand full of wine gums. And I gave my last marzipan away on a Monday 😉 Haha!

I also got the book I ordered on Monday: Zuckerfrei: Die 40 Tage-Challenge* (German). I read through it during my break and started planning. But I barely changed anything during the first week. I only stopped eating sweets and buying products containing added sugar. I needed the whole week to change my thinking and to change my diet. It is so hard to avoid whole wheat products for 30 days when you’re in love with them. I figured out that frozen strawberries are too sour and cause me a heartburn. So I see myself buying fresh strawberries from Spain as the German season hasn’t started yet. I prefer German strawberries because I like to buy them seasonal.

Yes, it’s gonna be hard. But I will make it! Foregoing sweets for a single week already changed a lot to me and I feel improvements. I will regret it for the rest of my life if I’m gonna stop this challenge!

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