40 days without sugar – Update

I thought a long time about how to write about the challenge. First, I wanted to report through a diary. But that would be way too much for you to read. So I prefer giving you a summary about the most important aspects.

Because I was curios to see how my body would change during the challenge I measured everything. I continue this on a weekly basis now. Those numbers change in a very interesting way. And I feel thoses changes too. That’s quite amazing!
For the last 3 years I felt uncomfortable in my body. I felt wobbly and somehow swollen too. I really had a puffy face. Which is unusual for me. Before that time I fit into clothing size 36 and 38, depending on the cut. But in 2016 even my widest trousers wouldn’t fit me very well anymore… Every time I went out to a party, I tried to conceal my problem areas. Once I weighted only 57 kg and felt absolutely perfect with it. I was yearning to get back to this feeling. But whenever I started trying to loose some weight I simply failed.

 Sommer 201606.03.201718.03.2017
Gewicht / Weight (kg)68,267,766,4
Brust / Bust (cm)969492
Taille / Waist (cm)797876
Bauch / Belly (cm)929292
Hüfte / Hips (cm)105103101
Oberschenkel / Thigh (cm)605753
Oberarm / Upper arm (cm)292929

I especially felt the change on my hips. My “spare tire” was declining pretty fast followed closely by my thigh. My trousers seemed to become a sack. And my thigh felt tight and better than before. The same applies to my upper arms even they didn’t lose some centimetres. According to someone else my face turned slim but I didn’t recognize that myself up to now.
Additionally, I find it remarkable to see that I lost at least nearby 1 kg from summer 2016 to the day I started the challenge. Just because I started so many tries and nothing seemed to work out.

Herr Apocalyptusbaum isn’t as curios as I am. But it seems that he lost about 5 kg since the end of February and about 2 cm around his belly. Unfortunately, he currently suffers from an allergic reaction which may be caused by greek yoghurt but we’re not sure about it right now.

We finally stopped thinking about sweets all the time. Instead I’m wondering if I could be sensitive or allergic to gluten. I’m gonna try some white wheat when the challenge is over to be sure! Sometimes you only have to go without specific food for some weeks and all the problems will be gone. But I think that’s not the case for me.

I surely discovered some troubles when I started the challenge. I had some sweets left in the office of which I ate some and gave the rest to my colleagues. I continued adding whole wheat flakes to my breakfast, ate whole wheat buns for lunch and had whole wheat noodles for dinner at day 1. But Phase 1 of the challenge aims for going without any whole wheat products including rice. So I started adding millet flakes to my breakfast, went without buns and anything else containing whole wheat. But I failed. I lost my passion for eating and got totally frustrated. So I brought back the buns for lunch and feel better now.

Furthermore, I don’t understand why I should eat “normal” again on sundays. It might be pretty good for a usual period of fasting. But I think there’s no sense for going back to sweetened stuff during this sugar challenge. Especially when someone’s suffering from digestive problems because of all the hidden sugar in so many products we consume every day. I couldn’t say that I’m not thinking about sweets anymore if I had allowed myself to eat “normal” on sundays. So I think going without sugar strictly during the whole challenge is the best way to change anything in your life.

I do feel so much better by now. I experience less stomach aches and diarrhoea then before and I’m totally happy about it. Even my skin is getting better now. I feel lighter and my clothes fit better now. This all is worth it to go through the challenge! All left I have to do is bringing sports back into my life 😀



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