40 days without sugar – resume

My dear fellows, I owe you a resume for the 40-days-without-sugar-challenge!

In short: I am faszinated!
I lost 2 kg of my weight and turned smaller nearly everywhere. I don’t feel that wobbly anymore. Mister Apocalyptusbaum lost proud 7 kg weight. And now, I think we reached the point where we can’t get on without sports. I think we reached the limit of what’s possible to reach only by a change of diet. So from now on we have to work to get further! 😉

See my overview here:

 Sommer 201606.03.201718.03.2017
Gewicht / Weight (kg)68,267,766,4
Brust / Bust (cm)969492
Taille / Waist (cm)797876
Bauch / Belly (cm)929292
Hüfte / Hips (cm)105103101
Oberschenkel / Thigh (cm)605753
Oberarm / Upper arm (cm)292929
Brust / Bust (cm)92909090
Taille / Waist (cm)75757575
Bauch / Belly (cm)92919390
Hüfte / Hips (cm)101101101101
Oberschenkel / Tigh (cm)53535150
Oberarm / Upper Arm (cm)29292928
Gewicht / Weight (kg)66,666,266,065,6

I got frustrated during phase 2 again. Here, it was allowed to eat whole wheat products again and I did… Oh, I did it a lot. In the morning, for lunch and for dinner. And this was where I got back to all my problems. The challenge worked out for me so well and then: BAAAAMMM! Whole wheat? Here, have your problems back, Mrs. Stupid!
I’m going to see a doctor soon to figure out what exactly the problem is. I hope it’s not gluten. And I hope it’s just a temporary thing regarding my intestinal flora. But hey, I found the reason why my belly wasn’t changing. An always distended belly can’t get smaller…

On the other hand, there are only positive changes related to my skin. I am that combination skin type that always tends to have an oily nose. But since I started to control my sugar consumption it just changed and isn’t that oily anymore. It looks better with less spots and blackheads. Actually, I only see spots around my chin when I don’t drink enough water during the day.

I am very satisfied. I got important insights regarding my body and health and I like what I see when I’m in front of a mirror 😉 Now all I have to do is continue to control my sugar consumption and add sportive activities. And I feel like I can make it! And I am too conceited to buy new clothes of size 40!

I won’t eat that much sugary stuff and sweets like I did in the past. I can imagine that this sugar free snack is also available outside of Germany, so I recommend you these:

Whould you try out this challenge too? Why or why not? 🙂



  1. Uff, tut mir leid, dass ich mich erst so lange nach der Veröffentlichung melde! Ich finde es bewundernswert, dass du das mit deinem Freund durchgezogen hast. Ein Wiedereinstieg mit Vollkornproduktien ist natürlich nicht so sinnvoll bei Verdacht auf Glutenunverträglichkeit. Hast du das denn mittlerweile ausgetestet? Hat es sich bestätigt? Es gibt ja auch noch eine Weizenunverträglichkeit, dann kann man wenigstens andere Getreide essen.

    • Bitte entschuldige Dich nicht! 🙂

      Nein, einen Test hab ich noch nicht machen lassen. Aber immerhin schon eine Überweisung von meinem Hausarzt und ich muss mich jetzt nur noch um Termine kümmern.
      Zurzeit komme ich mit Hirse und Quinoa sehr gut zurecht, auch für meinen morgendlichen Joghurt 🙂 Gepuffter Quinoa ist echt toll 😀
      Wahrscheinlich werde ich berichten, wenn ich neue Erkenntnisse habe.

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