[Cat Content] Until we meet again…

Today, exactly one year ago, we had to say goodbye, my heart.

Somehow I thought a while before, that this day would soon have to come. But I wasn’t prepared. This day caused a deep loss in my life. I can’t imagine anything to fill up this gap. I miss all your warmth and true friendship so deeply as it was just yesterday that we saw each other.

Some might not understand these feelings because you were just a pet for them. But to me you were my very best friend. All wonderful 17 years along. And yet still, there are so many moments I wish you back by my side. Your calmness, your understanding and your ability to purr all the shadows away.

I always named you “my heart” without actually knowing the true meaning behind it. My heart broke apart the day we had to say goodbye. And even so I barely managed to assemble it back together, there is still one part missing. This gap fills up with deep pain every time I think of you. So deeply, I fear it could break apart again. So deeply…

I was always convinced that we would be soulmates. And if Karma sends you back into this world, I hope it will lead your way back to me so we can create more and more wonderful memories together. I hope our souls will meet again. In this and every life to come.



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