About Me

© Oliver Garrandt | www.abstrakte-fotografie.de


Between 2011 and 2016 I published articles about the several interests I had on my Blog named „Frau Shmooples“. There was no specific main topic. I always wanted to write about creative stuff but turned out to mostly write about my photographs and everyday bullshit, and my cat.

„Purrpetual Creativity“ shall have catcontent too. But there’s much more creativity in my life than simple photography. 2017 shall become the year in which I hopefully can return to my creative roots, back to all the creativity I somehow lost somewhere in the past years.

I invite you to be a guest in my several worlds of creativity. Get to know the different characters I created. And follow me on my path back to pencil and paper and watch me learning.

Learn something about the German goth culture which probably declines in the northern areas. And I hope I’ll be able to improve my sewing so much that I can create some individual clothing for myself.

Join my journeys throughout the real world. Experience the love I share for Ireland like I did on my old Blog back then when I lived between the Irish.
And I hope you can join the moment I realise my dream of a journey to Japan. That would be amazing!

But what else is there important to know?

I was born in 1988, a stubborn taurus.
My favourite colours are black, grey and green.
I already found my soulmate back in 2006: Herr Apocalyptusbaum. Actually, he found me.
In my childhood I always had a pencil between my fingers which grew into a passion for Anime and Manga. This passion still lasts up to today.

On the contrary, I love movies and series that are based in the medieval ages, just like: The Tudors, Medici, DaVinci’s Demons, Game of Thrones or I simply like such trashfull stuff like Buffy the Vampireslayer xD

So let’s wait and see how the journey of this Blog turns out!